Currently Obsessed: Zukay Live Foods Raw Kvass

September 14 589

I grew up in a time when V8 vegetable juice was on the cutting edge of healthy vegetable drinks.  Oh yeah, kids were running around sucking those things down like crazy but I preferred to stick to my Capri Sun juice sack… which was probably worse. The thought of drinking that veggie juice stuff back then made me shutter and it still does actually, but now just for different reasons.

I am pretty skeptical of any sort of pre-packaged juice because I know the best stuff comes straight from the fruit, vegetable or from my juicer.  Right?  But what about the people who don’t want to invest a ton of money in a juicing machine? Or what if you’re on the run and you don’t have time to peel 6 carrots, 2 apples, a beet, some ginger and a lemon?  Well luckily a ton of companies have caught on and are now offering bottled REAL juices that are packed full of nutrients and taste spectacular.  My most recent obsessions are the veggie-biotic kvass drinks from Zukay Live Foods.  

As if I didn’t love the product enough already, I went to the website and learned about the people behind the product.  This is exactly the type of company that I like to write about; it is a family-owned business that was started because a husband and wife discovered a solution to the never-ending pursuit to be healthier and essentially wanted to share it with other people.  Straight from the website, the mission of the company is “to make the health (and taste) benefits of raw, fermented vegetables available to everyone, and in ways people already eat and drink, so everyone can easily fit them into a daily diet.”

This is something I can definitely get behind.

September 14 593

What about how it tastes though?  And what is kvass?

Essentially what you are drinking here is fermented vegetable juice, but it tastes awesome.  They only use the freshest, most organic and natural ingredients that are available.  Yes, fermented veggie juice in its natural state might not taste the best, but don’t worry!  First of all, it is really good for you, so there’s that.  But also, the lovely people at Zukay add some stevia, herbs and spices to some already-great flavor combinations to make the experience “approachable and gentle”.  The result is a fresh, crisp, colorful juice that certainly tastes like vegetables with a little kick but its completely enjoyable… you need to try it before you make any assumptions!

Plus, the packaging is cute.

My favorite flavors are the Beet Ginger because I LOVE ginger + its anti-inflammatory properties and the Super Root because of its detoxifying and cleansing power. They have so many other flavors (and salad dressings!) and you can read about them here.

So next time you reach for that Diet Coke, rethink it and try an interesting, new and healthy drink instead!

September 14 590


  1. Interesting indeed! It’s hard to find a packaged juice that stays true to the nutritional integrity of the fruits/veggies. I’m going to keep my eyes open for these – I’d love to try one.

  2. Jean says:

    I cant seem to find an answer to my question on this product. I know it has to be pasturised so isn’t the probiotic killed off that way?

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