Currently Obsessed: Taza Mexican Stone Ground Chocolate

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Alright, here is another favorite product of mine that I absolutely NEED to share right away.  I’ve been in love with the uniqueness of this chocolate for quite a while, but haven’t taken the time to actually write about what makes it so special.

Readers beware: this is no Hershey’s chocolate.  If that’s the type of chocolate that you like, you’re not going to find it here. What makes this chocolate so special is that it is made using a process inspired by centuries of Mexican chocolate-making traditions.  This authentic method creates the most perfectly unrefined, handcrafted taste with a texture like you wouldn’t believe.  Want to hear a little more or are you ready to just buy right away?

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So as I mentioned, Taza Chocolate uses vintage chocolate making machines to replicate this old Mexican method of stone-ground chocolate.  Directly from their website, they use “Oaxacan stone mills called molinos to grind the cacao, with granite millstones hand carved y the co-founder. These stones minimally refine the cacao beans, capturing all their vibrant flavors and allowing tiny bits of cacao and organic cane sugar to remain in the finished chocolate.”

The result: deep chocolate taste with bright tastes and bold textures.   Yes, textures.  It’s actually grainy.  

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You might be surprised by the texture right away because our taste buds are trained to think that chocolate has to be creamy and milky.  But please, please please PLEASE give it a second try if you don’t like it right away because you’ll learn to love it.  It taste real.  It feels authentic.  You’ll start expecting this level of uniqueness in every chocolate bar but sorry, you won’t find it.

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I haven’t even starting talking about the Company and how ethical it is.  From looking at the website, you can tell right away that they value complete transparency.  As consumers, we can see exactly where the products are sourced, what they look like in their raw form, the inside of the factory where they are made, and so much more.  There are no secrets at this company because they don’t need to keep anything from the public – everything they are doing is amazing.

Organic and direct trade ingredients?  Sign me up.

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So if you’re a chocolate nut and you’re looking to try something new, ethical, artisan and oh-so-perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth, this is your stuff right here.  Check out the online store or pick it up at your local, progressive food coop or natural foods store!


  1. Oh mmm yeah this chocolate sounds amazing

    • Allie @ The Nutritional Epiphany says:

      Guuuuurrrrl go get you some!!! Haha

  2. UM love it! Next time try out the chili one, just enough spice so you won’t keep going back for more chocolate ;)

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