Roasted Vegetables + Garlic Vinaigrette

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The other day I was really hungry after my workout and needed a  quick snack to tide me over until some dinner plans.  Luckily, the cafe at my gym has tons of healthy, interesting, handmade snack options in small, portable containers that you can grab-n-go or sit down and eat.  I opted for a container of roasted vegetables (mushrooms, artichokes, zucchini, yellow squash, etc.) and even though the concept was simple, it was really well executed and exactly what I needed in that moment.

If you are someone who likes to cook a lot, you can totally understand why it was tough for me to pay $4 for this little container of vegetables.  On one hand, it tasted sooooooo good but at the same time I couldn’t stop thinking about how easy it would have been for me to make it at home for a fraction of the price.  So the wheels started turning in my head and here is what I came up with!

This dish is great for a number of occasions. Potluck dinners, summer BBQ’s… you can even cook up a big pan on the weekend and use in your lunches throughout the week!  It makes really good leftovers.

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What will you need?

1 yellow onion, sliced

2 large zucchini

2 yellow squash

1 red pepper

10 crimini mushrooms

2 cloves garlic

3 tbsp olive oil

3 tbsp balsamic vinegar

1 tsp dried basil

1 tsp dried oregano

Kosher salt, pepper

How do you make it?

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees.

Wash and dry all of your vegetables. Slice up the onion and then cut the remainder of the vegetables into bite-sized chunks or whatever shape you prefer.



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Spread all of your vegetables in a thin layer in a rimmed baking sheet.  Sprinkle your dried herbs over the top along with some olive oil, balsamic vinegar, kosher salt and pepper.

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In the corner of your baking sheet, carefully place your garlic cloves and remember where you put them (for later).  Bake the vegetables for about 45 minutes, checking periodically to make sure they aren’t getting overdone.

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When the vegetables are cooked to your preference, remove from the oven and allow them to start cooling.

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Take the chunks of roasted garlic from the corner and and coarsely chop.  In a small bowl, combine 2 tbsp olive oil, 2 tbsp balsamic vinegar and the roasted garlic to make a simple yet flavorful dressing for the top.

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Pour over the top of the roasted vegetables and serve at room temperature.  2011-10-08 14.07.19


Remember that summer salad sampler dinner party that I had a little while ago?  Yup!  This was one of the items on the menu and every last bite was eaten.  That’s an indicator of success in my book!2011-10-08 18.05.00



  1. This looks incredibly delicious!!

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