A New Season + A New Partnership


Ahhhhhhh Spring has finally arrived up here in Minneapolis and 30-degree weather has never felt so amazing! I am starting off this new season with a ton of energy, a new(ish) job that I love and so many exciting things in the pipeline. I haven’t been writing for a couple of months and it’s been a conscious decision due to many other priorities that I wanted to give full attention to. Consistent with the approach I encourage on this website, I recognized by limits and decided to devote 100% of my energy to what matters most.

HOWEVER! Today I am back and I could not be more excited to share my new partnership with one of coolest food start-ups around.


I like using interesting condiments and sauces in my cooking because sometimes they pack a ridiculously good flavor that I don’t know how to create on my own. I use them to enhance my food in interesting ways, and my monthly box from this company is certainly going to keep my taste buds on their toes!


Announcing my new partnership with Ship and Dip, a company that delivers a monthly box of three of the nation’s most up-and-coming condiments straight to your door.

Here’s a little background on how this partnership came to be…

I met Kristin (one of the founders of Ship and Dip) when we were both in business school at the University of Minnesota. I always admired her because of how she was able to be so successful inside the classroom while having an awesome personality and a busy social life. It was also clear to me that Kristen felt a higher sense of purpose than to just make a ton of money working in Corporate America; she cared about family, health and supporting small businesses.


Ship and Dip was originally created because the Karlin sisters recognized there was a need in the marketplace for a way to buy artisan, high-quality condiments to give as a gift or for personal use. As the company has grown, they are continuing to focus on supporting local, one-of-a-kind businesses by providing access to a national distribution channel and increased publicity. All good things that I can totally get behind.

Ok sounds like a cool concept, but how does it actually work? Each box comes with three full-sized condiments from companies all over the United States that were researched, hand-picked and extensively taste-tested by the team in Kansas. There are multiple subscription options and shoppers can also go to their website to purchase condiments that’ve been featured in previous month’s boxes. When you open your shipment, you’ll be delighted that each product is accompanied by a little background on the company and some suggested uses for maximum satisfaction.


As part of my partnership with Ship and Dip, I will be creating monthly recipes on The Nutritional Epiphany using one of the condiments in that month’s box. Of course, each post will have plenty of step-by-step cooking instructions, photos and plenty of ideas for modifications. I could not be more excited to be teaming up with these two outstanding women entrepreneurs!

The first recipe has been created, tested, photographed and is in my belly. Stay tuned for the post this week about how to make a healthy, vegetable-packed chicken salad using Lucky’s Jalape?o + Garlic Honey Mustard from none other than my homeland of Minnesota!


It feels good to be back.


  1. I love this energy and your new exciting partnership. Congratulations Allie!

  2. Alicyn says:

    Sounds like a great partnership and program!

  3. Sounds delicious! Can’t wait to see it all come together!

  4. I missed you!

  5. Yeah – welcome back! Ship & Dip sounds like a wonderful company and I look forward to seeing the delicious recipes you come up with.


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  2. […] can read a little but more about my partnership with Ship and Dip in this post and this post, but essentially we are going to be working together to show how artisan condiments […]

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