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It is almost every blogger’s dream to turn their blog into something greater, whether that be a cookbook, various brand partnerships or an entirely new career. Today I am celebrating that moment of achievement for a fellow blogger who has been with me since the very beginning; Ms. McKel Hill of Nutrition Stripped. McKel and I met because we like to write about similar things, but we come from such different backgrounds which makes it fun.

Today she is launching her new nutrition counseling and health coaching company under the name Nutrition Stripped and I could not be more excited or proud to absolutely endorse this amazing woman. McKel and I started blogging around the same time; Januaryish of 2013.  I remember the first time I read about her credentials on her site and I was so impressed.   She studied Dietetics as an Undergrad, got a Masters in Clinical Nutrition, is a Licensed Dietitian (LD) AND a Registered Dietitian (RD).  Holy cow.  Here’s a funny snapshot of the first comment I ever left on her site!  I love how I said “I cannot wait to see what you do with all of your amazing credentials.”  It’s so appropriate that right now I am writing about her success!

mckel about
I remember sitting at a coffee shop in LA back in March writing emails to McKel (in Tennessee)  as we tried to figure out this crazy thing called “food styling”.   To this day, we still shoot emails back and forth to bounce ideas off of each other and try to help the other grow as much as possible.  I’m so happy to say that she clearly has the photography piece figured out because her work is stunning.  (See photo of her Peach Melba Paleta below)


The thing I love most about McKel isn’t her fancy resume or her beautiful blonde locks (although both are quite impressive), it’s her authenticity and passion around what she does. She truly lives and breathes the work that she puts into her website, and that authenticity comes through in the form of an absolutely stunning product.   She is creative, responsive and truly an expert in what she does. Please check out her site for more info about the services she is going to provide now, as I cannot think of anyone better to do the job.

Congratulations, McKel.  You are inspiring and so deserving of every ounce of success that comes your way.


  1. Allie, this brought tears of happiness to my eyes, you’re so sweet and have the biggest heart of gold! Thank you so much in all you do and your work is inspiring to me as well!

    • Allie @ The Nutritional Epiphany says:

      My dear dear McKel, it was my absolute pleasure to write such an honest and deserving post. Wasn’t it fun to look back on us when we were younger!? Haha so full of hope and blogging dreams :) Can’t wait to see where we are in 5 years!!!!!

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