May 5 Sunday Brunch

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Sunday brunch is one of my favorite pastimes EVER.  I love the idea of starting off the last day of the weekend with a slow, delicious meal with family, friends, great conversation, amazing food and a nice hot cup of coffee.  I never repeat the same dishes from week to week because I like to take advantage of the slow, Sunday morning to get a little creative in the kitchen.

While I like to switch things up a bit from week to week, every Sunday brunch that I cook contains a few key ingredients:  eggs, tomatoes, green vegetables, fruit, coffee and some sort of sweet pastry.

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This week the menu was as follows:

A fresh pot of coffee (duh)

Strawberry, Blueberry + Banana Fruit Salad

Curry Mushroom + Egg Breakfast Sandwiches (recipe coming this week)

Sweet Raisin Rolls from People’s Organic (I HIGHLY recommend checking it out if you’ve never been!)

2011-07-09 09.17.39

2011-07-09 09.22.14

Sweet Rolls

2011-07-09 09.31.44

Curry Mushroom + Egg Breakfast Sandwiches with fresh sprouts, mustard and tomato

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2011-07-09 09.42.29

And of course… I instagrammed my plate.



  1. This looks amazing!! I wish I could get the sweet rolls, they look amazing!!

  2. Now I’m wishing you invited me over for brunch. I totally agree, what a wonderful relaxing meal!

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