Football Sunday Menu: Healthy NFL Nachos

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Heyyyyy all you football lovers.  Are any of you Vikings fans?  Better yet, are any of you STILL Vikings fans?  Man, it’s been a rough start.  0-3 so far and it’s not looking like the season is going to turn around any time soon.  As loyal Vikings fans, we are trained to tune in every Sunday and support the team, regardless of how many times we’ve had our hopes for the playoffs smashed.

Here is my rationale.  As long as we are going to take time out of our Sunday afternoons to watch the Vikings (most likely) lose, we might as well do it with people we love and get a good meal out of the whole experience right?  It’s time for my second installation of fun, healthy ideas for what to snack on during football season.  This was what we did last weekend: Healthy NFL Nachos!  Score :)

Have you ever thought of this section in the grocery store as a prime location for nacho toppings? Yeah, I wouldn’t necessarily think that right away either.  But it can be… and it is!  Why wouldn’t you want your nachos to be a fresh, green and juicy as possible?

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Creating a healthy nacho bar for game day is an easy entertaining solution because it only takes a little while to prepare and people can build their own, so you’ll be happy and they’ll be able to customize to their taste preferences.

Here’s an idea of what it might look like:

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What will you need?

Blue corn or regular tortilla chips


Canned black or pinto beans

Sharp cheddar cheese, grated

Avocado, cut into chunks

White onion, diced

Red leaf lettuce, shredded

Black olives

Green onions, chopped

Cilantro, finely chopped

How do you make it?

Not too simple here!  Warm the beans in a skillet and put all of your ingredients into fun party bowls.  Let your guests build their own plates.

And that’s all we used, folks!  As always, feel free to customize this idea to whatever your friends and family like best.  If you end up making this idea, tweet me a picture @alliebornstein!  I would love to see you interpretations.



  1. Love it! I would suggest putting the chips on a baking tray with a little cheese and putting it in the oven to crisp the chips and melt the cheese, from there let people pull apart what they want and top as they desire.

    • Support says:

      Totally agree. You get the best of both worlds then; warm, melty nachos AND the opportunity to build your own!!

  2. Mmmmm – looks SO good!! We usually put the chips in a baking pan, spoon on some salsa, then cover in cheese and bake for about 10 minutes, or until the cheese is melty. Some of the chips get a little softer … but it’s all salsa-y (is that a word??) flavored so it’s really yummy! Love all the toppings you recommend! A must try!!!

    • Support says:

      Mmmmm I’ve never thought of putting the salsa on before baking it! And yes, salsa-y is a word in my vocabulary for sure. Luckily when we talk about food, we can kind of make up whatever words we want :)

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