Fall Walk in my Neighborhood


Do you ever wander around your neighborhood with no agenda other than just getting to know the area a bit better?  Do you ever feel like you are rarely ever home and even when you get home, it’s usually dark outside?  Every couple of weeks I like to go on a little romantic selfie-date with my ‘hood; just me, my camera and South Minneapolis. I would highly suggest making this part of your routine to anyone who appreciates nature.

As the seasons change, everything starts to look different.  In Minnesota, Fall  means bursts of bright colors, streets that become cluttered with leaves and people with red cheeks wandering around outside to soak in the last dose of fresh, autumn air.  It really is a beautiful time of the year, especially in my urban yet residential neighborhood.  


This past weekend I bundled up, grabbed my camera and some sunglasses, and set out on foot, wandering through the streets of the city that I have called home for many years.  Even though I have driven up and down these streets thousands of times, I still felt like I was experiencing something completely new.  The cracks on the streets, the vines growing up the side of my favorite coffee shop, the old bikes that have been shackled to any nearby pole that might protect them for the night.


There is something so therapeutic about holding a camera and snapping a picture of something beautiful.  You get to express yourself creatively and physically at the same time, and then have a digital image to remind you about the object that inspired you in that moment.


And here’s my favorite picture of the whole day.  It’s outside of a coffee shop that I go to at least once a week, except I am always so focused and in a rush when I go to work there that I’ve never noticed the gorgeous vines that grow along the entire backside of the building.  Not only are the vines stunning, but if you get up close you can see that there are these stunning, dark purple berries nestled within the vine itself.

So easy to overlook, yet my day was completely changed after I discovered these.

I have never noticed this beautiful plant before, even though I’ve walked past it hundreds of times.  This example reiterates the lesson that I think a lot of us are starting to forget: look around.  Yes, take some time to put away your phones and pay attention.  Pay attention to little nuances, the subtle sounds of your city, the seemingly insignificant details that are actually stunning works of mother nature that go unnoticed because of our busy lives.


This day was so wonderful and calming and recharged me before heading into the work week.  I hope you took some time to experience something equally as therapeutic this weekend!  If not, maybe next one :)


  1. Lovely colours, thanks for sharing!

  2. Allie says:

    You are welcome, Sofia! Unfortunately right now, everything is covered in snow so all we see is white and gray. It is fun to look back and remember the beautiful times, though!!! :)

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