Dark Sweet Cherry + Banana Smoothie


It is finally getting warm enough here in Minnesota that the thought of drinking something cold doesnĄ¯t completely send shivers up and down our pale bodies. My vitamix has been primarily used for pureed soups and warm sauces for the past 6 months and you know what? I think itĄ¯s about time that we test out its ability to handle frozen solids.

Time for smoothies!!! And this Dark Sweet Cherry + Banana Smoothie was JUST what I needed to get completely in the mood for summer.


I actually discovered the concept of frozen dark sweet cherries because I have fallen in love with the Woodstock line of foods and want to try every product that they carry. They package and sell everything from bulk goods, canned foods, condiments, sauces, dry mixes, nut butters, and yes… frozen fruits and vegetables.

I really like buying this brand because all of their products are mostly non-GMO certified and all natural or organic. The company also has a strategic partnership with the American Farmland Trust where they invest a ton of resources to help preserve precious land for sustainable farming. This is exactly the kind of company that I like to endorse on this website and support in my own consumption because they are purpose-driven, the products are high-quality and clearly very beautiful, too!


These are unlike any other cherry you are used to and buying them whole and frozen is advantageous for a number of reasons!

First of all, cherries are pretty seasonal fruits so there is a limited window of time during the year when you can buy these dark red candies fresh at the grocery store. Even then, you still have to deal with the pit and the stem, resulting in stained fingers and occasionally an uncomfortable bite.

They other way that cherries are commonly bought is in a can. Ummmm no thanks! The canned version usually contains all sorts of dyes, preservatives and syrups that are absolutely NOT necessary in order for these to taste amazing. Solution: just buy them frozen and avoid all that other fuss!

My first use of these frozen, tart balls of flavor was in a smoothie with almond milk, frozen bananas and chia seeds. The creaminess of the almond milk and frozen bananas blend perfectly with the tartness of the cherries, giving this smoothie a well-rounded, delicate flavor with a little bit of crunchiness on the top from the chia seeds! All in all, it was like a mini trip to heaven.

What will you need? (makes 2 smoothies)

1 cup frozen, dark sweet cherries

1.5 cups frozen bananas

1 cup unsweetened almond milk

1 tbsp white chia seeds

How do you make it?

Using a high-quality blender, combine the cherries, bananas and almond milk and blend on a medium setting until everything is smooth and creamy.



Pour into a glass, top with some chia seeds and sip slowly on a nice sunny day. That’s really it! No rocket science here, just some really beautiful colors and flavors happening.



  1. Looks delicious!! I make something similar with cocoa powder. Celeste :)

    • Allie says:

      Thanks, Celeste! Mmmmmm cocoa powder sounds delicious. It’s good to hear from you!!!

  2. I bought frozen cherries at the store this weekend too. This morning my smoothie had cherries, spinach, almond milk, greek yogurt and chia seeds. While I was drinking it, I couldn’t help but think how grateful I was that it was warm enough to drink smoothies again!

  3. What a beautiful color! Thanks for bringing the Woodstock line to my attention. I think I’ve seen some of their products at a couple food co-ops I’ve been too, so will have to keep on the look-out.

    Question about the Vitamix. Is there a huge difference between it and a good quality “normal” blender? I see that so many people have upgraded, but I’m trying to determine if it’s really worth the astronomical cost. Any thoughts you have on it would be appreciated!

  4. What, other people don’t freeze their cherries so they last long after the season ends? I thought that was normal. I guess, even though I’m a city girl, I take after my farming ancestors :) You can freeze blueberries, bananas, cherries, strawberries, peaches, and a ton of other Summer foods, and they are very handy to have on hand for baking. (and you can buy local at the farmstands an hour out of town this way) I like the sound of this company, though, so I’ll look into their other products. And I’ve only used chia for soups, puddings, and ‘porridges’ before, so a smoothie is a fun new thing to try.

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