Chimichurri Avocado Toasts

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Oh myyyyy look at what we have here.  Yup, this creation looked so tasty that I took a bite out of the first piece before I had a chance to finish photographing it.  That’s actually par for the course in my kitchen, but usually I can get away with it after some strategic food styling.

Not in this case.  Prettttty sure the huge chunk out of the side of one of the toasts is a huge giveaway.  And I’m not mad about it!

Let’s take a step back quickly.  Have you ever had the pleasure of eating Chimichurri?  It’s this amazingly fresh and versatile green sauce made from herbs, citrus and vinegar traditionally served with grilled red meat in Argentina.  Ever since first learning how to make it, I eat it with so many foods other than steak because it brings a bright, green flavor to whatever you add it to with a little bit of a spicy kick!

My favorite way to eat chimichurri is to serve it over some fresh, grilled white fish during the summer.  The fish flakes apart and the green, acidic sauce just dances along the flesh, seasoning every single bite with flavors that are reminiscent of some sort of Argentine garden!

You can really use this sauce for pretty much anything, though… short of just drinking or eating it plain with a spoon.  I suppose you could do that, too!  A few other ways to incorporate chimichurri into your cooking include:

-A marinade for chicken, beef, shrimp or any other meats

-A condiment for sandwiches, tacos and wraps

-A dipping sauce for roasted potatoes or other vegetables

Today we’re going animal free and instead of smother some tender meat with this sauce, I wanted to show how you can enjoy it over the flesh of ripe avocados on top of warm, crusty bread.    Consider it an Argentine Avocado bruschetta of sorts!

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What will you need?

2 ripe avocados, pits removed and cut into cubes

1/4 cup olive oil

1/4 cup red wine vinegar

2 tbsp fresh lemon juice

2 garlic cloves, diced

1 tsp dried oregano

1/2 cup mixture of chopped parsley and cilantro

Pinch of kosher salt, ground pepper, red pepper flakes

4-5 slices of toasted ciabatta bread

How do you make it?

Thinly slice some french bread or ciabatta, brush each slice with olive oil and toast in the oven for a few minutes until they are nice and crispy  Set aside and allow to cool to room temperature.

In a medium bowl, combine the vinegar, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, oregano, salt, pepper and red pepper flakes. Whisk together to combine.

2011-05-06 14.01.49

Alright, everyone in the pool!  Add your avocado chunks and lightly toss to coat each piece evenly with the juice.  Top with the chopped cilantro and parsley, toss again, and you’ve got yourself a colorful, flavorful topping for your toasts.

2011-05-06 14.05.40

2011-05-06 14.09.11

At this point in the process, things are about to get REAL.

2011-05-06 14.10.26

Sooooo fresh and creamy!  Give this a try and please, let me know how it turns out!

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  1. I love avocado and fresh herbs! This looks like such a simple, healthy and delicious snack!

  2. My family’s from Argentina and I’ve had chimichurri on many a meat but I have to admit I’ve never had it on avocado. I’m giving this a go ASAP :)

  3. This looks absolutely delightful!

  4. I like this blog…it makes me want to cook.

  5. Meghan says:

    This weekend, I quintupled this recipe and brought it to a friend’s surprise birthday party. People actually sought me out to rave about “the best guacamole they’ve ever had.” (And likely the only to be served on toasted Italian bread!) It was absolutely delicious. Thanks!

  6. Angela says:

    I’ve made this twice, once for a BBQ party app and once for a quick throw together dinner when we had some avocados to get rid of and both times everyone has LOVED it. Thanks!!

    • Oh Angela, thank you so much for letting me know! It is such a great option for parties or just to eat casually around the house. You make a good point – it is so useful to have quick recipe ideas in the back of your mind for those produce items that you never want to go to waste! You are wonderful for letting me know – thanks again!


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