Cake Party!!

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Yesterday marked the last in the series of birthday celebrations we had this past weekend for one incredibly special person; my main man, Dad!  While yesterday was his actual birthday, we had been partying since Friday night so a low-key dinner and apple rum cake was in order.   I didn’t snap too many pictures over the weekend, but I managed to take a few that show how sweet his birthday turned out.

In our family, we usually celebrate by cooking a nice dinner or going out to eat at an interesting restaurant.  This weekend, we did all three!  What I am most excited share with you all, however, is this great idea my mom had for a party this weekend;  a birthday cake open house!

So we’ve already been over this many times before but my mom is an absolute culinary mastermind.  She can bake, she can cook, she can grow food – she can basically do everything really, really well.  This time she DEF out-did herself and made 6 completely different cakes!  Dannggggg woman, you did it UP!


We had friends, neighbors and family over to my parents’ house for an afternoon of great conversation, company, coffee and cake cake cake.  Everybody got super jacked-up on sugar in the middle of the day and then probably returned home for a good evening power nap before continuing on.  This was SUCH a great idea for a party that I am definitely going to use and reuse.

Maybe you’ll be inspired to do something similar!

Here’s what was on the menu:

1. Turtle Cake that pretty much sent me straight to heaven, very similar to this one but only one layer.

2. Berries and Creme Cake kind of like this one.

3. Gluten-Free Zucchini Cake (we love Pamela’s Products!!!)

4. German Chocolate Cake that was as moist as it gets!

5. Chocolate-Chip Almond Bundt Cake

6. Boston Creme Pie (this could definitely be considered a cake but they call it pie for some reason)

- – - -

A HUGE thank you and many hugs to everyone who came out to celebrate, eat cake, share stories and honor this amazing person who I am lucky enough to call Dad!

Have you ever done something like this?  What is your favorite kind of birthday cake?


  1. Such a fun idea! Turtle cakes sounds amazing… all my favorite things rolled into one.

    • Allie @ The Nutritional Epiphany says:

      Dana, I know I know. That was by far my favorite one! Chocolate + caramel + nuts… I die.

  2. Yay cakes! I love cake so this is my kind of party ;)

    • Allie @ The Nutritional Epiphany says:

      Kammie, I hope everyone loves cake as much as you and I do. It’s always around during a celebration of some sort, so that’s reason to be happy no matter what!

  3. I LOVE the idea of a cake party!! You have given me inspiration for my hubby’s birthday next year…although it will definitely have to be paired with some boozy concoction :)

    • Allie @ The Nutritional Epiphany says:

      Yayyy! Happy birthday, Hubby! Let me know if you end up doing it, and of course, I would love to see pictures!!!!

  4. So … my birthday’s in May. Would love a cake party. Just sayin … :D

    • Allie @ The Nutritional Epiphany says:

      Hahaha Gretchen you have you have your half-birthday first! Maybe two cake parties?!

    • Two Healthy Kitchens says:

      Well … OK!! Two cake parties it is!! You’ve convinced me! :)

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